The Realm

The Realm

A trilogy that tells the stories of people who due to a life altering experience transcend our daily reality and enter a heightened dimension where memories and feelings no longer belong to a particular individual, but rather journey from a 'event person' to another, driven by the phenomena of 'spiritual gravity'. A near death experience, a personal loss, or the haunting guilt of committing a heinous act, affords an 'event person' access to the memories and feelings of others who have gone through a similar trauma. Episode 1: The destruction of the only manuscript of a historian's master work lifts him into the world of his historical characters, as their reality become his. Episode 2: A gangster who comes out of a coma with no clue of what hit him, reconstructs the events that led to his demise through his nemesis' memories, who lies next to him in the emergency room of a hospital. Episode 3: A young woman, gone insane, relives the tragic end of a love affair by reconstructing the past, only to come to the haunting realization that she is the one who pulled the trigger.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Actor: Elizabeth Dilley , Peter Giles , Scott Rabinowitz , Carmine Raspaolo

Director: Caio Ribeiro

Writer: Caio Ribeiro

Country: USA

Release: 1970-01-01

Duration: 78 min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0



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